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ShopIsNow Ecommerce Home Furnishing Shop is the e-commerce shop of AGORA' lab srl. We are a company born in Italy in 1992 that has gained experience in furnishing shops and commercial premises with the "turnkey" formula. Precisely in this perspective of putting the customer at the center of the world, we have learned to provide complete solutions for every need by equipping ourselves with the most modern machinery for the production of furniture and furnishings. We have been present online since 2014 and supply, in addition to the resale of many items, the custom-made production of various furnishings. Our headquarters are in Italy in Via Robinie 18 in Gravellona Toce (VB) and all the items offered are in our warehouse and ready to be shipped. Similarly, in the case of orders for made-to-measure products, raw materials and processes are carried out directly in our office.
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ShopIsNow shop in Agorà Lab srl headquarters in Gravellona Toce Verbania (VB) furnishing of shops and clubs in general
Warehouse Headquarters Gravellona Toce Verbania VB agorà Lab srl Online Shop
Headquarters in Gravellona Toce (VB) CNC 5 axis Woodworking Agorà Lab Srl
Headquarters in Gravellona Toce (VB) Agorà Lab Srl Woodworking Panels Warehouse
Here are some pictures of our headquarters in Gravellona Toce where your items are built and shipped.

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